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The average New Yorker spends about $100 per week per person on groceries.  We spend roughly 3-5 hours prepping and cooking meals each day.  That is at least 90 hours each month preparing food.  If you eat out you have more time but less money.  Ever wish there was a way to make it easier without affecting your health?


Want to save money, eat healthy and spend less time in the Kitchen?  We have the solution for you.  With our home chef prep membership you can come closer to reaching your dietary and budgetary goals faster.

Membership in the Home Chef Prep program is just $50 per week.  Each week, we will guide you through simple recipes, show you how to properly store your food for the week, and provide instructions on how to cook it when it is time to prepare.  For an additional $50 for each family member in your household, we will even purchase the groceries for you.  Not only will you save on groceries, but you will have fine, vegan dining everyday at a fraction of the cost.

Once you are a member, don't worry if you cannot make it to a live session.  We will email you the recipes, shopping list and instructions each week so you can meal plan on your own schedule.

By the Numbers

* The Average New Yorker Spends $125/week on groceries (and that does not include the specialty vegan foods)

* The Average New York family spends $500/week on food if they don't cook.

* The Average cost of to feed a vegan family of 4 in New York (anything more than beans rice and a vegetable) each month is close to $2000.

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The Grand Jikoni is a culinary kitchen incubator for plant based entrepreneurs.  The Jikoni School is a 501(c)(3) pending non-profit.  Our mission is to create pathways to better health through the vegan food market by producing more plant based entrepreneurs and food options for a conscious and peaceful planet. 

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